April 6th 2011 American Idol

Tonight Contestants Will Be Peforming Songs From The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame It Should Be Intresting To See What James Durbin Does This Week He Is Suppose To Be Rocker So He Should Kill It

Something I Don’t Understand I Love The Theme’s It’s Just I Don’t Think It’s Far To All The Other Contestants On The Show Like With Motown Week I Was Wondering How Scotty McCrerry & Lauren Alaina Would Fan Out That’s Like Telling Stevie Wonder To Sing A Keith Urban Song Or The Other Way Around It’s Just Kind Of Confusing To Make Contestants Switch Away From Their Genre Of Music

To Know More About Me Personally In Feeling’s Toward How I Like And Dislike Here Is My List Of The Idol Contestants And What I Think About Them

Jacob Lusk- I Became A Fan When He Sung God Bless The Child The When He Sung “A House Is Not A Home” He Was Awesome But Then After That (Until Motown Week) He Sung Horrible On I Belive I Can Fly & Alone It Was Terrible Peformance But Then He Got Me Back To Being A Fan When He Sung Marvin Gaye’s Hit Song Your All I Need To Get By

Casey Abrams- Have You Ever Heard Of Him? This Guy Has Done Some Incrediable Peformance’s I Love His Wit & Charm He Can Go Fra In This Contest. The Only Downfall Was The Peformance Of The Nirvana Song It Was The Worst American Idol Peformance I Have Ever Seen So It Worry’s Me If He Is Gonna Stay Consistent

Stefano Langone- Listen J-Lo I Don’t Care If He Has His Eyelid’s Closed All The Time He Is The MAN!!! He Is Gonna Win AI This Season Just A Clean Smooth Voice Just Great And I Am Leaving It At That

James Durbin- ummm This One Is Kinda Weird Um He Has Made It To The Top 24 For When He Sounds Like He Has Sinus Infection When He Sings I Feel Bad That He Has Touretts More Than The Next Guy But This Is A Singing Contest

Paul McDonald- O My Gosh When is This Guy Gonna Get Voted Off I Mean He Sounds Like His Vocal Chords Have Been Ripped In Half His Dance Moves Looks Like Their Is Something Running Up His Pants I Mean Anyone Can Sing And Look Like A Idiot On Stage

Scotty Mccrerry- Ummm He Is A Tough One I Think He Has A Great Voice No Doubt But Their Is Probably 500 guys In Nashville That Sound Just Like Him  So That’s What Worry’s Me With Him

TommorowI Will Post my Thoughts On This Weeks Show And The Girls



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